Are you planning to visit this vacation in Jaisalmer? When going to the new city for a few days, you look out for the accommodation first. Here in Jaisalmer, you won’t have to face any difficulty in finding the place to stay. You will get many options here. Finding the right place to live in Jaisalmer, India is not a difficult task for every traveler, whether it's budget or squandering tourists. Jaisalmer is a popular place globally for spending a memorable vacation.

You can visit the vast fortresses, temples and strategic points of the Thar desert. The beauty of the Jaisalmer city captures your soul and you will find yourself losing much of the natural beauty that this part of Rajasthan offer.

Many resorts you will that also have the option of accommodation of Desert camps in Jaisalmer. The desert camps and night in the desert are most famous and pleasurable thing when you are visiting the place.

Jaisalmer is also known as "The Golden City" because of the construction of yellow sandstone. You will find this fort, an old building built with beautiful sandstone, reflecting the glittering sunshine and showing a golden type in the area. Stunning is the hard work of builders, who built a seemingly impossible grand facade in this hostile desert. Among various tourist attractions, Gadsisar Lake in Rajasthan attracts many tourists. There are various hotels near this lake.

Sightseeing in Jaisalmer

When it comes to sightseeing, again the city won’t disappoint you. You will encounter many such places in which your mind won’t believe. The beauty of the place is unmatched to anything in this world. As everything has its own beauty, so as the city and its palaces have. For the sightseeing, you can visit the desert city’s historic fort that is Jaisalmer Fort. The fort was built by the yellow sandstones on the orders of the pioneer ruler Jaisal and his decision made the city shine because of this palace.

Under the sunlight, the Jaisalmer Palace shines as it was built using gold. The number of temples inside the fort attracts many local people and tourist. One of the most attracting things to the tourists is camel safari to different points inside the Thar Desert. After the camel ride, many tourists like to stay in Luxury tents in Jaisalmer, which include in their Jaisalmer desert camp package.


If you book your hotel in advance, staying in Jaisalmer is not a problem. As a popular tourist attraction, finding the right place can be difficult without planning early. For each type of traveler, there are different types of accommodation, including budget hotels, mid-range resorts, luxury hospices and traditional hotels.

Depending on personal preference and budget available, one can find a perfect holiday destination in Jaisalmer and Jaisalmer tour packages. Now you can book your hotel through your own online media. Otherwise, contact the travel agency to inform you of your needs and have them book a room for you. It is a carefree way to enjoy the Jaisalmer trip without disturbing the better points. Jaisalmer's holidays are a memorable experience, so you should be ready for your journey months in advance.