Indian an Asian country is full of surprises. Every year, millions of people and tourist visit India and its different states. Rajasthan is the most voted tourist places among all other states as its desert life, festivals and other such things are reasons for an increase in the number of the people visit Rajasthan every year. In the list of visitors, you see names of Indian people and international people too Desert camps in jaisalmer.

In Rajasthan, there is a city named Jaisalmer, which is famous as the “Golden City”. Millions of visitors come to the city to experience the beautiful scenery of it and the Jaisalmer Fort. The fort of the city was built by the ruler with yellow sandstones on his orders. The fort makes the city shine as it shines under the sun. That time you will see a huge crowd of foreigners visiting the palace and experiencing the beautiful scenery of amalgam of man-made thing with nature. It is one of the masterpieces of the Rajput Era in India. Apart from historical places, there are many more places to explore. The thrill and the chills of the place will surely give you the astonishing experience of life.

The most gifted features of the city are its natural landscapes. This desert is covered with the yellow sand which shines in the sunlight. Desert Camp in Jaisalmer is the best activity chosen by the foreigners to experience in the Thar Desert. Experiencing the camel ride and night safari in the desert by Royal desert camp in Jaisalmer is the most memorable one for the visitors.

Many hotels and resort Jaisalmer arrange the night folk show for their visitors to keep them entertained in the new city and they will remember their trip to Jaisalmer. Dancer and performers came in their most attractive and traditional dresses to perform which have beautiful colors, embellishments, and their traditional jewelry. These all things compliment their dance and performance. Most of the foreign visitors tend to get excited and start dancing on the traditional songs by following the steps of performers.

There are many places in Jaisalmer to explore. The most promising activity in this place is desert camping. These camps are located in the dune desert, decorated with the traditional Rajasthan theme. If you want to know the legacy of traditional Rajasthani culture, then this is certainly the best way to understand this. A beautiful environment, beautiful ethnic music, and traditional dance will certainly leave unforgettable memories. Ladies dressed in traditional costumes, men's beards, a comfortable environment will allow people to have a comprehensive understanding of traditional culture Desert resort in jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer's most amazing activity is its safari park. With this, you have the opportunity to visit amazing bastions, magnificent palaces, and magnificent havelis. You can choose "Camel Journey" or "Jeep Journey." During the hunting trip, you can also visit the ruins of ancient haunted villages like Kuldhara. Prohibited to enter the ban. Elsewhere in the area are Jaisalmer Fort, Saleh Singh Haveli, and Badag Bagh. During the hike, visitors can see the fascinating attractions of the charming art sculpture Jaisalmer desert camps.